Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can we be perfect?

Can we really be perfect? To be able to answer this question we first need to know who we are. I'm not talking about what are goals are or who we feel like we are right now, I am talking about who we really are at our very core. We are the children of a God. We have His genetic makeup. We are God Children living out a mortal existence, but we still have the sparks of divinity within us.

We must understand that God cannot make anything that is imperfect. A perfect being is incapable of imperfection. If He made something imperfect He would cease to be perfect Himself and would cease to be God. As children and creations of a God we must understand that we are already perfect! Don't take this too far because now I will tell you that none of us are perfect at the moment. Isn't that contradictory? Maybe. Let's see.

The perfection I am proposing is the perfection that is at our core. It is what we truly are once we get past our negative emotions, false beliefs, physical ailments, and spiritual pitfalls. I am suggesting that all the imperfections are not truly who we are but blocks in the way of us becoming who we already are at the very center of our beings. Remember, God can't make imperfection, but we can. All the imperfection that surrounds us is by our own design. This is good news! This means that at any time we can change that design. We have all power over who we are becoming, so let us hope that we decide to become who we are.

Remember, we have the sparks of divinity within us, and it is up to us to fan these sparks into flame.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is a False Belief?

Simply put, a false belief is exactly that, a belief we have that is untrue. The better question is, "What does a False Belief do, and what are some of its characteristics?" That's a much better question.

To give an example I will describe the false belief of "I am not intelligent." To believe that I am not intelligent puts me at odds with the intelligence I have, and we are all intelligent. Perhaps this false belief leads me to coping behaviors of inferiority. I will look for opportunities to prove to myself (and others) that "I am not intelligent." I will quickly recognize (and probably point out) where I fail in the areas of intelligence that I perceive. This will confirm my belief.

On the other hand I may choose to develop a different coping strategy. I may decide that I will act like I know everything in order to cover my belief that "I am not intelligent." In this way I can appear arrogant, cocky, and look like a know-it-all.

You can see how false beliefs lead us to one extreme or the other and usually both which makes us appear to be highly hypocritical. The reason we oscillate to such a degree is because our souls (body and spirit) are hard-wired to cleave to truth, and when we can't find it we keep looking. The false belief is like a label that covers the truth which is sitting directly between the two opposite extremes we just looked at. We keep passing over the truth because we have labeled it with something that we believe is the truth, but our souls won't harmonize with it! When we take the time to dismantle the false beliefs we find that we can literally become new creatures overnight.

It is important to understand that it is the nature of false beliefs to be hidden. On very deep levels we have the capacity to understand all truth. We are God Children trying to live up to our potential. We may look at a principle like this and say, "That doesn't apply to me, I don't act like that at all. Besides, some of us just aren't intelligent and that is that."

Oh, yes? Oh, really? Let me quote something to you, "We are all intelligent." You may recognize that. It comes from just up the page a bit. I said it myself. Next time I'll briefly explore how we are all intelligent,  perfect even...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Why releasing Trapped Emotions isn't enough...

The title may lead you to believe that I am not a fan of emotion release. Not much could be further from the truth. Releasing trapped emotions is vital to our overall health. It is important; however, to recognize the vital role played by false beliefs.

To borrow an analogy from Daniel Macdonald, a friend of mine, the trapped emotions are like stakes driven into the ground to hold down a tarp. The tarp is a false belief. Only by releasing the emotions can we then be prepared to removed the tarp. We must realize that the tarp is removed in a different way than the stakes were, and when we neglect to remove the tarp we leave a space for the stakes to be driven into the ground once again. Too many times we satisfy ourselves by releasing emotions and never think to remove the tarp. After all it is the whole reason the emotions had a space in the first place. With no false beliefs, there are no trapped emotions. Where false beliefs are present there will always be a new generation of trapped emotions.

Age Regression... or not

Age regression work is an interesting thing. I use age regression techniques to help my clients reconnect with their hearts and bring their trapped emotional energies to the surface. It is once we recognize these emotions that we can release them. We also encounter false belief systems that we unravel to create positive change and forward momentum.

In reaching the inner child we run into the question: Are we really reaching into the past, or not? The truth of this is that we are not reaching into the past. We are simply accessing memories of things that are no longer and addressing feelings that have been stored but not processed. Everything we do is actually in the present.

You may ask, "What about age regression? Last week you took me back to five years old. Isn't that the past?"

Not at all, not at all. What we did is accessed a part of you that chose to live in a false belief at five years old. False beliefs prevent us from reaching truth. Truth is what brings us to growth and change. If you subscribe to a false belief a five years old, you will remain five years old in that aspect of your life until you address the underlying false belief.

In short, age regression is all about the present. Don't you want to stop being five?