Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can we be perfect?

Can we really be perfect? To be able to answer this question we first need to know who we are. I'm not talking about what are goals are or who we feel like we are right now, I am talking about who we really are at our very core. We are the children of a God. We have His genetic makeup. We are God Children living out a mortal existence, but we still have the sparks of divinity within us.

We must understand that God cannot make anything that is imperfect. A perfect being is incapable of imperfection. If He made something imperfect He would cease to be perfect Himself and would cease to be God. As children and creations of a God we must understand that we are already perfect! Don't take this too far because now I will tell you that none of us are perfect at the moment. Isn't that contradictory? Maybe. Let's see.

The perfection I am proposing is the perfection that is at our core. It is what we truly are once we get past our negative emotions, false beliefs, physical ailments, and spiritual pitfalls. I am suggesting that all the imperfections are not truly who we are but blocks in the way of us becoming who we already are at the very center of our beings. Remember, God can't make imperfection, but we can. All the imperfection that surrounds us is by our own design. This is good news! This means that at any time we can change that design. We have all power over who we are becoming, so let us hope that we decide to become who we are.

Remember, we have the sparks of divinity within us, and it is up to us to fan these sparks into flame.

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